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Uphold Heart-to-heart Communication and Mutual Learning to Embrace Bright Future for Chinese and European Civilizations Liu Yandong Delivers Speech in Vrije Universiteit Brussel of Belgium
2015-09-17 21:11

On September 16 local time, Vice Premier Liu Yandong paid a visit to Vrije Universiteit Brussel of Belgium, during which she delivered a speech entitled "Uphold heart-to-heart communication and mutual learning to create a bright future for Chinese and European civilizations".

Liu Yandong expressed that this year marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the EU. Over the 40 years of development course, China-EU relations have grown into one of the most important, stable, constructive and influential bilateral relations in the current world. The friendly exchanges between China and the EU over the past 40 years have fully proven that as long as different civilizations respect, understand and accommodate each other, they can achieve "harmony in diversity", mutual learning and common prosperity. As both China and the EU are standing at a crucial stage of development and reform at present, the two sides need to view each other from an equal, respecting and appreciating perspective and seek common ground while shelving differences in a broad-minded manner, so as to join efforts to forge the four major China-EU partnerships for peace, growth, reform and civilization.

Liu Yandong pointed out that China, which enjoyed splendid civilization in history, now is permeated with vitality and energy. A developing China is more open and inclusive. China's development, benefiting from the whole world, also brings opportunities to multiple nations and conduces to world prosperity and stability. We will always pursue an opening-up strategy featuring mutual benefit and win-win result, and unswervingly play a role of practitioner of peaceful development, promoter of common development, defender of multi-lateral trade system as well as participant of global economic governance, so as to realize common development and prosperity. In the historic course of realization of the Chinese Dream, China will bring benefits not only to the Chinese people, but also to the people all over the world.

Liu Yandong noted that as China-EU relations are standing at a new historic starting point, people-to-people and cultural exchanges play an increasingly prominent role in construction of China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership. Deepening people-to-people and cultural exchanges will help the four major partnerships for peace, growth, reform and civilization pool the people's mind, strength, wisdom and opinion.

Liu Yandong expressed that the hope of the China-EU relations lies in the youth. Both sides should bring the role of the China-EU High-Level People-to-People Dialogue (HPPD) Mechanism into full play to expand the exchange scale of students, scholars and youth from all circles, help the Chinese and European youth understand and learn from each other, enhance their friendship and thus make the China-EU friendship pass down from generation to generation through the exchanges. As the vital force in people-to-people and cultural exchanges, the universities of the two sides should step up efforts in joint cultivation of talents, carry out joint scientific research to tackle key problems, provide intellectual support for mutual benefit and win-win result of China-EU relationship and offer philosophy guidance for exchanges and mutual learning among multiple civilizations.

Liu Yandong said in the end that the friends will be closer with more exchanges. The trickle of people-to-people and cultural exchanges converges into the magnificent river of China-Belgium friendship and China-EU cooperation. Let us join hands to contribute our own efforts for a brighter future of China-EU relations.

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