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Communiqué (3rd Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee): central leading team for "comprehensively deepening reform"
2013-11-14 18:57

China will set up a central leading team for "comprehensively deepening reform."

The team will be in charge of designing reform on an overall basis, arranging and coordinating reform, pushing forward reform as a whole, and supervising the implementation of reform plans.

Party committees at all levels are urged to fulfill their duties in leading reform.

While comprehensively deepening reform, the CPC must strengthen and improve its leadership. The Party must give full play to its core role of commanding the whole situation and coordinating the efforts of all quarters, and improve the leadership and governance to ensure the success of reform.

The Party will stick to the policy of reform and opening up, as it has provided important experience for comprehensively deepening reform.

In comprehensively deepening reform the Party must also correctly address the relations between reform, development and stability, being bold in mind yet steady in steps.

Moreover, it must combine overall design at the top level with the pragmatic reform approach of "crossing the river by feeling the stones".

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