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Li Keqiang: Build a Platform for Integration and Cooperation, and Win a Future with Innovation Development
2017-06-06 20:55

On the morning of June 2, 2017 local time, Premier Li Keqiang interacted and communicated with representatives attending an activity on China-EU medium and small-sized enterprises' cooperation in the Egmont Palace of Brussels. President Jean-Claude Juncker of the European Commission accompanied him to the event.

When Li Keqiang and Jean-Claude Juncker stepped into the venue, dozens of medium and small-sized entrepreneurs from China and the EU member states were conducting heated discussions on cooperation matters. Li Keqiang and Jean-Claude Juncker joined their discussions, and asked them questions about their business areas, progress and intention for bilateral cooperation. The two leaders also conducted video link with entrepreneurs of China and the EU at the branch venue, and listened to the introduction on the integration of cooperation between both sides with great interests.

When learning the event was attended by over 200 entrepreneurs from China and more than 20 EU member states, and numerous cooperation agreements have been signed between both sides, Li Keqiang said pleasantly that President Jean-Claude Juncker's and his attendances at the activities today are the praise to the medium and small-sized enterprises of both sides, especially to the growth-type enterprises with innovative and professional spirits. Li Keqiang expressed support for both sides building this cooperation platform featuring shared interests and mutual benefit, hoping the event to achieve more fruitful outcomes.

Li Keqiang said that medium and small-sized enterprises are not only important supports for mass entrepreneurship and innovation, but major channels of creating employment. The enhancement of cooperation between medium and small-sized enterprises of China and the EU is not only conducive to achieving advantage complementarities and common development, but beneficial for trade and investment liberalization and facilitation as well as a healthy and balanced development of economic globalization. It is hoped that both sides could make joint efforts to build more platforms, and achieve the development of integration and cooperation between large enterprises and medium and small-sized enterprises of China and the EU, in a bid to create more employment opportunities. The Chinese government supports China's financing institutions to speed up the development of inclusive finance, and provide more financing facilitation and support to medium and small-sized enterprises, so as to help them open up a broader future with innovation and development.

Wan Gang and Zhou Xiaochuan attended the activity.

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