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National Flag
2004-03-08 14:44
              The National flag of the People's Republic of China, designed by
          Zeng Liansong who was a clerk in Shanghai in 1949, is a red flag
          with five stars.
              The proportion between the length and height of the national
          flag is 3:2. The following five sizes are in common use: 288 cms by
          192 cms; 240 cms by 160 cms; 192 cms by 128 cms; 144 cms by 96 cms;
          96 cms by 64 cms.
              The five five-pointed yellow stars are located in the upper left
          corner. One of them, which is bigger, appears on the left, while the
          other four hem it in on the right.
              The red color of the flag symbolizes revolution; the stars take
          on the yellow color in order to bring out their brightness on the
          red ground. The larger star represents the CPC, while the four
          smaller ones, the Chinese people. The relationship between the stars
          means the great unity of the Chinese People under the leadership of
          the CPC.

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