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Spokesperson on assistance offered by foreign countries to China in the prevention and treatment of SARS (09/05/2003)
2004-03-09 13:51
Q: Which countries have offered assistance to China in the prevention and treatment of SARS?

A: Recently leaders of many countries have expressed sympathy and support to China in its fight against SARS through letter or telephone. The ten ASEAN countries and China have held a special leadership meeting and agreed on effective and practical cooperation to prevent and treat SARS. The Japanese Government has provided 205 million yen in medical equipment.  India’s Minister of Defense immediately gave China pharmaceuticals of 400 thousand Rupee after his visit to China. The ROK Government has donated 100 thousand USD.

Many countries in other regions have also expressed their willingness to donate funds or materials for the prevention and control of SARS. Germany is to provide a donation of 10 million Euro for the purchase of medical materials under the financial cooperation framework between China and Germany. The European Commission, the US, Britain, France and some other countries have also indicated their willingness to provide help and are consulting with the Chinese side on the forms of donation.

In addition, many foreign enterprises in China have also donated funds and materials to prevent and treat SARS.

My knowledge of foreign aid may not be complete and more information in this regard will be released later.

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