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A Look at Cult Leader's Malicious Fallacies
2004-03-09 11:54
          The Falun Dafa, or Falun Gong, a cult headed by Li Hongzhi, has
          deceived and harmed a lot of people and been involved in many
          illegal activities that have seriously disrupted public order,
          misguided people, and confused right and wrong.
          Falun Gong has a set of ridiculous ideas, a basic one of which
          claims that doomsday is coming, that human beings will be extinct
          soon, that modern science can do nothing to prevent the catastrophe,
          that only Falun Gong can save mankind, and that Li Hongzhi is the
          sole "savior."
          Because of this doomsday prediction, Li ordered his followers to
          concentrate on Falun Gong and forbid them to hold any other belief.
          Human civilization has experienced at least 81 periodic changes, he
          says, and society is now deteriorating and if this trend continues,
          it will be exterminated.
          Anyone with any sense can find that during different periods of
          human history there have been certain social problems, big and
          small, and that civilization is still evolving in the course of the
          problems being solved one after another.
          Government is useless is another of Li's ideas, one to make Falun
          Gong the ruling ideology in the world and to allow him to seize
          power that "overruns the government and the law." Social problems
          have been emerging, he said, and no government can solve them. And,
          because neither the government nor the law can solve social
          problems, he should be the rightful ruler.
          He has renounced modern science and said the world should listen to
          him, otherwise everything will be lost. Li said that the Falun Dafa
          is the only grand theory that can save mankind and is the most
          profound and superb of all sciences and philosophies and a ladder
          for people to ascend to heaven.
          Li has held up a banner of "Truthfulness, Benevolence and Tolerance"
          but can not stand any criticism or alternative views. Whenever Falun
          Gong is criticized, he gets his followers to create a disturbance.
          Their besieging of media organizations' office buildings in 1998,
          the headquarters of the Tianjin Municipal Committee of the Communist
          Party of China and Zhongnanhai in Beijing, the compound of the
          central Party and government, in April last year can in no way be
          considered tolerant.
          Li said that to practice Falun Gong well people must make a clean
          break with other ideas and can not mention what they learned before
          and are forbidden to use what they feel, see, or know, or the
          doctrines of other beliefs, otherwise, they will learn a false grand
          theory and damage the grand theory.
          By spreading these fallacious ideas Li has actually signed a
          life-and-death contract with his followers, who have to obey all his
          instructions and depend on him for everything. He forbids them to
          read other books or learn other theories and deprives them of the
          ability to choose between right and wrong.
          With these means and the tight control of the highly organized
          group, Li forces practitioners to follow his fallacious ideas. He
          has also borrowed Buddhist doctrines to deify himself and claims
          that he possesses the "body of law" and can install "the wheel of
          law" in practitioners and give them extrasensory perception.
          Some followers were deceived by this and began to look for
          supernatural powers and many have become psychopathic. In 1997 and
          1998 a fifth of the patients in the psychopath ward of a hospital
          were Falun Gong practitioners.
          Li usually belittles great scientists like Charles Darwin and Issac
          Newton, although he himself is just a junior middle school graduate
          who doesn't know the difference between an organism and minerals. He
          said that he is the only person who can explain the mysteries of the
          universe and that the earth is nothing but a garbage dump. He also
          says that man was created by gods and life and death and disease are
          debts acquired in previous lives.
          Many people have been confused by these fallacious ideas and have
          refused to go to hospital for medical treatment when they became
          ill, and a number have died as a result.
          All of this reveals the preposterousness of Li's ideas, then why
          does he have so many followers? First, Li has taken advantage of
          people's desire to find a cure for illness. Second, he exaggerates
          the danger of some problems and social evils that bother common
          people. Third, he has used the cover of "Truthfulness, Benevolence
          and Tolerance" to encourage people who lack mental or spiritual
          ballast or have no beliefs to wish for things that don't exist.

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