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Falun Gong’s Ulterior Motive(2003.08.21)
2004-03-09 11:55
Falun Gong is an anti-humanity and anti-society cult organization.  Deluded by “Master” Li Hongzhi’s heretical fallacies and in order to reach “all-round fulfillment”, over 1700 Falun Gong addicts have either committed suicide or died as a result of refusing medicines or medical treatment.  Thousands of practitioners have become maimed.  A large number of families have thus suffered greatly.  Some practitioners even went so far as to kill innocent people with the view to “driving away the devil and eliminating karma”.  Falun Gong has severely endangered public interests and disrupted public order.

It is just out of the purpose to better protect the human rights of the general public that the Chinese government banned Falun Gong and adopted the policy of persuasion and education towards the vast majority of practitioners so as to help them get rid of the mind manipulation by Falun Gong.  The so-called “persecution” is a false and unfounded charge.

It is a big irony that such a cult organization as Falun Gong even brought up a lawsuit in the name of human rights.  Its ulterior motive is to interfere with and undermine the smooth development of China-Belgium relations and to defame China’s image in the international community.  Falun Gong’s scheme is doomed to failure.  

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