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Enhancing Strategic Mutual Trust and Deepening Pragmatic Cooperation to Move forward China-EU Relations in a Sound and Stable Manner
In Celebration of the 94th Anniversary of the Founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army
2021-07-27 21:02

On the occasion of joining all Chinese people to celebrate the centenary of the Communist Party of China (CPC), we are ushering in the solemn moment of the 94th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA). Maintaining its aspiration and mission of seeking happiness for the Chinese people and rejuvenation for the Chinese nation over the past 100 years, the CPC has written the most magnificent chapter in the millennia-long history of the Chinese nation, embodying the dauntless spirit that Mao Zedong expressed when he wrote, "Our minds grow stronger for the martyrs' sacrifice, daring to make the sun and the moon shine in new sky." With unprecedented changes taking place in China and socialism with Chinese characteristics entering a new era, the Chinese nation has achieved the tremendous transformation from standing up and growing prosperous to becoming strong, and China's national rejuvenation has become a historical inevitability.

Founded and commanded by the CPC, the PLA has been closely linked to the Party, firmly advancing under the banner of the Party, and unswervingly following the development pace of the Party and the people. Marching from victory to victory, the PLA has come a long way through wars and hardships, and made indelible achievements on behalf of the Party and the people. History tells us that maintaining the Party's absolute leadership is the root and soul of the PLA. Thanks to the CPC and its strong leadership, the people's military has been moving forward in the right direction and with great strength.

A hundred years of brilliance has created a great cause, while the journey of strengthening the PLA sees no end. Standing at the historical intersection of the Two Centenary Goals, the PLA follows the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era, and thoroughly implements Xi Jinping Thought on strengthening the military as well as the military strategy for the new era. All ranks of the PLA uphold the Party's leadership and enhance political loyalty, train for war preparedness and safeguard the territory, creat a bright future by reform and innovation, and serve the people through hard works and dedication. Unremitting efforts have been made to achieve the Party's goal of strengthening the military in the new era, to transform the people's military into a world-class force in an all-round way, and to resolutely safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests.

Over the past year, the Chinese military adhered to the significant concept of building a community of shared future for mankind and the holistic view of national security, and vigorously promoted international military cooperation, showing the responsiblility of a major power to maintain world security and stability. The Chinese militay provided COVID-19 vaccines to the armed forces of more than 20 countries, including Hungary, Serbia and North Macedonia. The air forces of China and Russia successfully implemented the second joint strategic air cruise. Several rounds of Corps Commander level talks were held between China and India to solve border issues. The Chinese and American militaries organized a number of activities focusing on crisis management, humanitarian assisstance and disaster relief. For the first time, China and the European Union held the defense and security policy dialogue online. From peacekeeping operations to escort missions in the Gulf of Aden, from counter-terrorism to international humanitarian relief, the Chinese military has become a staunch force to build a community of shared future for mankind in the new era.

The pandemic proves once again that we live in one global village, where countries stand to rise and fall together. Great times call for grand architecture, and grand architecture calls for great vision. We must remove barriers, not erect walls. We must open up, not close off. We must seek integration, not decoupling. China-EU cooperation has stood the test of times over the past 46 years. It enjoys great resilience and enormous potential and accords with the trend of progress and development of the times. We have the responsibility to maintain the leading trend in China-EU dialogue and cooperation, have the duty to adhere to the keynote of mutual benefit and win-win outcomes, and have the confidence to jointly contribute to addressing global challenges.

As two important players in this multipolar world, China and the EU have neither clash of fundamental interests nor geopolitical conflicts. Both sides uphold and practice multilateralism. The overriding principle governing our exchanges is mutual respect, and seeking common ground while shelving differences. The biggest responsibility for the two sides is to secure world peace and stability and achieve common development and prosperity. China has always worked to safeguard world peace, contribute to global development and preserve international order. The Chinese military is willing to work with the defense authorities and militaries of the EU and its member states to maintain and deepen practical cooperation in high-level visits, defence policy, maritime security, international peacekeeping, military medical services and personnel training, so as to jointly move forward China-EU relations on the right track in a sound and stable manner.

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