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Address by H.E. Mr. Song Zhe, Ambassador and Head of the Mission of the People's Republic of China at the Memorial Ceremony to Deeply Mourn the Victims in the Sichuan Earthquake
2008-05-19 00:00


Today, we gather together here to deeply mourn the victims in the tragic earthquake in Sichuan. We pay deep tribute to the vast number of officials and people, the People's Liberation Army, officers and soldiers of the People's Armed Police, Reserve Forces, public security officers, medical workers and press workers who are working courageously in the frontline of rescue and relief operations. We express sincere gratitude to the EU institutions, governments of the EU member states and friends in Europe for their strong support and assistance to the rescue and relief efforts in China.

H.E Amb.Song Zhe Delivers Address 

  Deeply Mourn the Victims in the Sichuan Earthquake

"When disaster strikes the nation, all of its citizens have a duty". Ever since the earthquake struck Sichuan, our hearts and thoughts have always been with the people in those affected regions and through these days, we are in profound grief and mourning. All the members of the Chinese Mission to the European Communities voluntarily donated funds, in the expression that our hearts and minds are with our motherland and with the disaster-hit area and we want to share the difficulty of our country and misfortune of our people. Meanwhile, we took the initiative to inform the EU side on many occasions the disaster situation in the earthquake area and China's rescue and relief operations, in an effort to get more sympathy and assistance from the EU side, as our modest contribution to support the rescue and relief work back in China. Compatriots, let us mend our grief and work even harder to build our nation with the strength of our national character to console compatriots who have lost their lives. Let our love and compassion continue and never give up, because we are always with them, we are of one family who are deeply attached to each other.

The Chinese nation has gone through many trials and tribulations in the past thousands of years. But we never subdue. This powerful earthquake is once again a severe trial of our national character, a test of our unity, and a pooling of our strength as a nation. In the wake of the earthquake, Chinese leaders commanded the rescue and relief campaign in the very frontline. All regions, departments and people in China carried forward the spirit of unity and assembled huge financial, material and human power to support the disaster area in the rescue and relief endeavor. These efforts bring care and compassion to the affected population. They fully display the great national character of "unite as one and assist each other", and show the world that the Chinese nation will only emerge stronger and more courageously from adversities. We are confident that under the strong leadership of the Central Government, the State Council and the Central Military Commission, with the courageous endeavor of the people in the disaster area and joint efforts of the Chinese sons and daughters in the world and with the strong support from the foreign governments and friends, we shall finally prevail over the disaster and achieve victory in the rescue and relief campaign and the great course of rejuvenation of the Chinese nation shall come true!

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