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Representatives of the EU Headquarters, Diplomatic Missions and Overseas Chinese in Brussels Visit Chinese Mission to the EU to Offer Condolences to the Victims of Sichuan Earthquake
2008-05-19 00:00

On May 19th 2008, the Mission of China to the European Communities opened the book of condolence to people of all sectors in Europe and received visitors from the EU Headquarters, diplomats in Brussels and local Chinese communities who came to mourn the victims of the Sichuan earthquake.

From 9:00 to 17:00, Mr. James Moran, Head of Unit Mr. Franz Jessen, Head of Unit, China of the External Relations Directorate-General of the European Commission, Mr. Dirk Sterckx, Chairman of Delegation for Relations with China, representative of Mr. Nirj DEVA, Chairman of the EU-China Friendship Group of the European Parliament, Head of the Mission of Ukraine to EU, Minister of the Armenian Mission to the EU, Mr. Duncan Pescod, Special Representative for Hong Kong Economic and Trade Affairs to the European Communities, some Chinese students in Brussels and local friends arrived in the Chinese Mission in succession. They signed on the condolence book and mourned for the victims of the earthquake. They expressed sympathy for the tragic loss of many lives in the Sichuan earthquake. They felt the grief and difficulty of the affected population and offered sympathy and solicitude for the Chinese Government and people. Visitors commended the prompt and timely rescue and relief operations and believed that the Chinese Government and people shall overcome the difficulty and rebuild homes. Representatives of the EU Headquarters stated that they would do their best to offer help and to deliver the assistance as quickly as possible. On the same day, Mr. Perter Mandelson, the EU Trade Commissioner, who was on a trip to the Middle East, made a telephone call to Ambassador Song Zhe of the Chinese Mission to offer condolences to the victims. He expressed admiration for President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao for leading in the frontline of rescue and relief operations and commended the prompt response and policy transparency of the Chinese Government.

Ambassador Song Zhe received the visits and expressed gratitude. He informed on the latest developments in Sichuan earthquake and the updated progress in rescue and relief endeavour. He stated that as of today, the earthquake already claimed 34, 073 lives and 245, 108 injuries.

The Chinese people, under the leadership of the Chinese Government, are working hard and the whole nation is acting as one in the rescue and relief efforts. At present, rescue and relief operations are proceeding in a forceful, orderly and effective way. The rescue operations prove extremely difficult and rare in history. The post-earthquake rescue and relief work is still facing a serious situation. Rescue equipments are in serious shortage. We hope the EU side could provide tents, medical equipment and other assistance quickly in support of the operations. Ambassador Song stated that the Chinese nation has gone through many trials and tribulations but the Chinese people are even more untied and stronger in the face of them. We are confident that under strong leadership of the Chinese Government, we shall achieve victory in the rescue and relief campaign.

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