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Overseas Chinese in Belgium Held Forum in Commemoration of the Seventh Anniversary of President Jiang’s Eight-Point Proposal on the Taiwan Question(2002.01.23)
2004-03-09 11:36
On 23rd January, the Chinese Embassy in Belgium hosted a forum in commemoration of the seventh anniversary of President Jiang’s Eight-Point Proposal on the Taiwan question, which was presided over by Ambassador GUAN Chengyuan.  Delegates from major organizations of overseas Chinese in Belgium, representatives of Taiwan compatriots and some individual overseas Chinese, altogether around 70 people, participated in the forum.  In their speeches, the President of the Peaceful Reunification Association in Belgium, nine leaders of the Chinese communities and other individual speakers expressed their resolute endowment of the Eight-Point Proposal and their aspiration for the early realization of the reunification of the motherland.  They also strongly accused the Taiwan authorities for its “gradual Taiwan independence” activities in recent months and called on all overseas Chinese to take up measures on the ground to promote the reunification process.  Ambassador GUAN Chengyuan pointed out in his conclusive speech that President Jiang’s Eight-Point Proposal is the programmatic document drawn by the third generation of Chinese leadership on the reunification process and policies towards Taiwan.  As long as the principles set out in the Proposal is unremittingly pursued and implemented, any obstacle against the grand cause of reunification will be removed, constant progress will be made and the great aspiration for reunification of the whole Chinese nation is bound to be realized.  Ambassador GUAN also sang high praise of the Chinese communities in Belgium for their patriotism,love for hometown and their long-standing commitment to the reunification process.  He expressed his hope that all the major Chinese communities in Belgium and all individual overseas Chinese could make in-depth study of the Eight-Point Proposal for better understanding of the essence of President Jiang’s speech, and that they would strengthen solidarity and fight against any form of “Taiwan independence” activities according to the changing situation so as to make new contributions to the grand cause of the reunification of the motherland.

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