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"Taiwan independence" certain to be rejected by overseas Chinese:official (2002-08-06)
2004-03-09 11:37
       The separatist statement of Chen Shui-bian, leader of the Taiwan authority, is a thorough exposure of his concept of "Taiwan independence" and will surely be rejected by the Chinese people all over the world, according to a Chinese official.

    In a recent interview with Xinhua, Lin Zhaoshu, chairman of All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, criticized Chen Shui-bian for his allegation that Taiwan is "a country with independent sovereignty" and that "each side of the Taiwan Straitsis a country" and that "referendum" will be used to determine Taiwan's future.

    Lin, who was in Hong Kong for a visit, noted that Taiwan and the mainland belong to one China and there has never been the situation of "each side is a country."

    As the top leader of All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Lin has maintained extensive contacts with worldwide Chinese people, including Taiwan compatriots.

    In recent two years, Chinese people residing overseas have beenconcerned about Taiwan's future and have set up various organizations to push forward the peaceful reunification across the Taiwan Straits, he said.

    From his experience in Hong Kong, Lin said Chen's statement hasgot rejection from people of all walks of life.

    Both overseas Chinese in Hong Kong and people of Hong Kong haveexpressed their opposition against "Taiwan independence" in various forms and showed support for the reunification, he added.

    During the past five years since Hong Kong's return to the motherland, the returned overseas Chinese who are residing in HongKong have experienced the practice of the "one country, two systems," "Hong Kong people governing Hong Kong" and a high degreeof autonomy.

    Facts fully demonstrate that the "one country, two systems" is a scientific concept and feasible in realizing the reunification, he said.

    Lin expressed his hope that Taiwan compatriots would not be deceived by the cheating statement of Chen Shui-bian.

    "We don't want to see that Taiwan compatriots would be led to disasters by those 'Taiwan independence' advocators," he stressed.

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