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Spokesperson Zhang Qiyue's Remarks on the US Senate Passing the Resolution of "Expression of Support for Freedom in Hong Kong"
2004-06-25 00:00

Q: What comment do you have on the US Senate passing the resolution on "expression of support for freedom in Hong Kong" submitted by Senator Brownback?

A: The so-call resolution of "expression of support for freedom in Hong Kong" passed by the US Senate disregards facts and makes irresponsible remarks on the Hong Kong affairs, constituting a gross interference in China's internal affairs and the affairs of the HKSAR. China is firmly opposed to it.

Since Hong Kong's return to the motherland, Hong Kong residents have enjoyed unprecedented genuine democratic rights and freedom. The democracy in Hong Kong is being concretely developed in accordance with the Basic Law and will finally attain its goals. The entire Chinese people, including the Hong Kong compatriots, have the wisdom and courage to build Hong Kong in line with the guideline of "One country, two systems" and make Hong Kong more prosperous and democratic.

The Chinese Central Government has a rock-firm resolve to implement the principles of "one country, two systems", "Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong" and a high degree of autonomy and the Basic Law. The NPC Standing Committee has made decisions on the methods of selecting the Chief Executive of Hong Kong in 2007 and forming the Legislative Council in 2008, which fully fell within its competency according to law. We stand firmly against the gross interference in the affairs of the HKSAR of China by the US Congress and will by no means accept the groundless accusation of the US. We urge the US Congress to stop such act that interferes in China's internal affairs and hurts the feeling of the Chinese people.

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