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Beijing opposes US-Japan statement on Taiwan
2005-02-22 00:00

BEIJING, Feb.20 (Xinhuanet) -- China expressed "grave concern" over a joint statement of the United States and Japan listing Taiwan as one of their "common strategic objectives" in the Asia-Pacific region, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said here Sunday, saying that any "irresponsible remarks" on China's national defense is "untenable."

The two countries, following a high-level US-Japan security alliance talk in Washington Saturday, announced that one of their "common strategic objectives" across the Asia-Pacific region is to urge China to resolve the Taiwan issue peacefully through dialogue and to be more transparent about its military modernization.

Calling the US-Japan security alliance "a bilateral scheme spawned during the Cold War period," ministry spokesman Kong Quan said it should not function beyond the bilateral framework.

"The Chinese government and Chinese people firmly oppose the US-Japan statement on the Taiwan issue, which concerns China's sovereignty, territorial integrity and national security," Kong said.

Kong said China hopes the United States and Japan will fully consider the interests and concerns of other countries and contribute more to peace and stability across the Asia-Pacific region.

"We hope the United States and Japan honor their commitments on the Taiwan issue with actions," Kong said.

Kong said that China, in line with the global trend of seeking peace and development and enhancing cooperation, has solidly pursued an independent foreign policy of peace and a defensive policy on national defense.

"China has become a positive force in maintaining world peace and boosting common development," he said. "Any irresponsible remarks on China's efforts to enhance national defense aimed at safeguarding its national security and territorial integrity are untenable." Enditem

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