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Chinese mainland criticizes Taiwan secession activities
2006-02-27 00:00


BEIJING, Feb. 26 (Xinhuanet) -- The Chinese mainland on Sunday criticized the secession activities of Taiwan leader Chen Shui-bian that attempts to abolish the "National Unification Council (NUC)" and the "National Unification Guidelines."

The Director of both the Taiwan Work Office of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council released an article, commenting on Chen's recent remarks on abolishing the NUC and the "National Unification Guidelines".

The director said Chen had breached the promises he made himself in 2000 and 2004 that he will not do so during his office terms.

"The remarks are a dangerous sign of escalation of Chen's secession activities," the director pointed out. Chen has wholly dismissed his political faith and moral personality.

On May 20, 2000, Chen promised not to declare "Taiwan Independence," incorporate the "two states" idea into the "constitution," change the so-called "country's name," hold a "referendum" on "Taiwan Independence," or abolish the "NUC" and the "National Unification Guidelines."

The remarks also revealed Chen's attempt to carry out new independence activities, especially a try to pave the way for the so-called "reform of constitutional politics and Taiwan's nomological independence", the article said.

Chen's remarks at the time of steady development in the cross-strait relations conveyed an inclement intention to further push his independence move, it noted, adding that Chen's secession activities take peace course of the Taiwan-Straits regions and benefits of people in Taiwan as stake of his selfish desire for power.

"Meanwhile, Chen attempts to make use of the independence remarks to escape from being blamed on breach of duty for sluggish economic growth, unstable social development and scandals during his office term," it said.

The accelerating independence activities of Chen will not only cause severe crisis in the area, but also do damage to peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region, it noted.

All the evidences prove that the Taiwan secessionist activities are the biggest threat to peace in the Taiwan-Straits regions and Chen Shui-bian is the major troublemaker to the cross-strait relations, according to the article.

On May 17, 2004, the office made an announcement, noting that "there are only two choices for Taiwan authorities -- to promote cross-strait relations or continue "Taiwan Independence" activities. It is a must to make the choice.

The remarks and action of Chen Shui-bian indicate that he clings obstinately to his secessionism, the director said in the article.

People in the Chinese mainland and Taiwan have strongly condemned Chen's remarks of provocation. "Chen Shui-bian is doomed to get into more troubles as he attempts to break away from troubles through measures harmful to Taiwan people," the director said.

Chen must stop destroying peaceful cross-strait cooperation andstop hurting again people in Taiwan and cross-strait relations, the director noted.

It is a common wish of Chinese people in the mainland and Taiwan that peaceful and stable progress of the cross-strait relations should be promoted continuously, the director said, calling for full efforts to push forward development of the cross-strait relations and the country's peaceful reunification course.

"Any remarks and action of Taiwan secessionists are intolerable and any attempt to "Taiwan Independence" is not allowed," the director concluded.

The "NUC" was established in 1990 by the Taiwan authorities headed by Lee Teng-hui, and fourteen meetings were held after its establishment. However, no "NUC" meeting has been held since Chen Shui-bian became Taiwan leader.

The "National Unification Guidelines" were issued in 1991, saying both the mainland and Taiwan are under the sovereignty of China and promoting the state's reunification should be the commontask of all Chinese.

The guidelines also outlined a three-phase goal for the realization of China's reunification. Enditem

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