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Spokesperson of the Chinese Mission to the EU Speaks on a Question Concerning the EU’s Remarks on Hong Kong
2023-07-06 20:10

Q: The EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy “condemns” on social media the Hong Kong police’s decision to issue arrest warrants for eight anti-China rioters who have fled overseas. The Spokesperson of the EEAS said in a statement that the reform of the District Council elections in Hong Kong goes against the commitment to democratic representation set out in the Hong Kong Basic Law, and further undermines the “one country, two systems” principle. What’s your comment?

A:The EU side has, in breach of the spirit of the rule of law and international law, flagrantly slandered the rule of law and system in Hong Kong SAR and grossly interfered in Hong Kong affairs and China’s internal affairs. The Chinese side strongly deplores and firmly opposes this.  

A small group of people have long been engaging in anti-China activities aimed at destabilizing Hong Kong. After fleeing overseas, they continued to instigate the division of the country and subversion of state power, which challenged the bottom line of the country and the red line of the rule of law. In accordance with the national security law and other local laws, the Hong Kong police have issued arrest warrants for these destabilizing elements. This is a just act that meets the aspiration of the people, upholds the rule of law, and is also fully in line with the principle of One Country, Two Systems.

The reform of the District Council election in Hong Kong is a return to the original intention of the Basic Law of Hong Kong and embodies the principle of “patriots administering Hong Kong.” It is not only justified, lawful, and necessary, but also widely supported by various sectors in Hong Kong. It will be of great significance for improving district governance efficiency and the governance system of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is China’s Hong Kong, and Hong Kong affairs are purely China’s internal affairs, which allows no interference by any external forces. We urge the EU side to abide by international law and basic norms of international relations, respect China’s sovereignty and the rule of law in Hong Kong, stop lending support for anti-China elements destabilizing Hong Kong, and stop meddling in China’s internal affairs. We would like to stress that China remains firmly resolved in safeguarding the nation’s sovereignty, security and development interests, in implementing One Country, Two Systems, and in opposing interference in Hong Kong affairs by any external forces.

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